Hello, students are you looking for jumbled sentences. Here we have covered ten exercises of rearrange jumbled sentences with answers. These simple jumbled sentences are beneficial for class 7, 8, 9, and 10.

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Rearrange the following words/phrases to size meaningful sentences

Exercisethis friday / have / we / a holidaycooks / my mom /delicious foodwelcomed / every gest / wasthe thief / arrested / the policemanbakes / a baker / breadAnswerWe have a holiday this Friday.My mom cooks delicious food.Every guest was welcomed.The policeman arrested the thief.A baker bakes bread.Exerciseof leather / the jacket / was madesipped / some water / the sparrowthe computer / is working on / my neighborour gratitude / to lớn show / we have / to lớn themif you word hard, / surely / you will / succeedAnswersThe jacket was made of leather.he sparrow sipped some water.My neighbor is working on the computer.We have to lớn show our gratitude lớn them.If you work hard, you will surely succeed.Exercisea beautiful / I shall / for myself / buyas you listen / to note down / points / it is importantmost important / of his career / match / it was thein the đô thị / many garden / there arethe old / honest person / man / was an AnswersI shall buy a beautiful gown for myself.It is important to chú ý down points as you listen.It was the most important match of his career.There are many gardens in the city.The old man was an honest person.Exercisethe garbage / dispose / properlyclappled happily / came in / when santa claus / the childrenhad traveled far / was tired / and / the old manhas given / some / our cow / lovely milk todaycome from / where / did / all the litter AnswersDispose of the garbage properly.The children clapped happily when Santa Claus came in.The old man had traveled far và was tired.Our cow has given some lovely milk today.Where did all this litter come from?Exerciseall over the town / spread the / we have / garbagemy friend / i received / an email / fromthe window / smashed / the ball / throughis located / the skull / inside / the braini ran towards / it started raining / và / the bus stop AnswersWe have spread the garbage all over the town.I received an e-mail from my friend.The ball smashed through the window.The brain is located inside the skull.It started raining and I ran towards the bus stop.

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Exercisethe desert / a camel / carries / trough / travelersprince / the young / far and wide / traveledwind blew / the garden / around / the strongafter saying / the prayers / left / the clildrenAnswersA camel carries travelers through the desert.The young prince traveled far and wide.The strong wind blew around the garden.The children left after saying the prayers.Exercisethe furniture / we will sell / in the market / tomorrowflowers / bought / these / who / beautifuldigging / a hole / lớn bury the gold / the miserduring the trò chơi / the wrong / you were making / moviesthe cake / trang chủ from school / when he returned / his mother bakedAnswersTomorrow, we will sell the furniture in the market.Who bought these beautiful flowers?The miser digging a hole lớn bury the gold.You were making the wrong moves during the game.His mother baked the cake when he returned trang chủ from school.Exercisein many parts / are found / of the world / pearl oystersin the rain / i walked / squelched as / my shoesrumbled / along / in the street / the carlearning english / i have / for a long time / beenthat his mother / john / tell you / is in the hospital AnswersPearl oysters are found in many parts of the world.My shoes squelched as I walked in the rain.The car in the street rumbled along.I have been learning English for a long time.John tells you that his mother is in the hospital.Exerciseall around / dirthy / were scattered / clothesof the principal / welcomed him / the teacher / on behalfbank / of my school / in front / there is ain the class / seema / of all the children / is the youngestas her family / his family / is not as reach AnswersDirty clothes were scattered all around.The teacher welcomed him on behalf of the principal.There is a bank in front of my school.Seema is the youngest of all the children in the class.His family is not as rich as her family.

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Exerciseis the shortest / the class / girl / emmasmallest continent / australia is the / in the worldstops these rays / the ozone layer / atmosphere / surrounding the earth’sthe boots / the gentleman / who orderedhis poor mother / he might help / so that / he went khổng lồ work Answers Emma is the shortest girl in the class.Australia is the smallest continent in the world.The ozone layer surrounding the earth’s atmosphere stops these rays.The gentleman who ordered the boots.He went khổng lồ work so that he might help his poor mother.

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