After each period, we have a ______ break


In most women, the ‘menstrual cycle’ happens over 28 days, starting with the first day of your period.With each cycle your body prepares the lining of your uterus to lớn create the ideal environment for a possible pregnancy.

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Why bởi vì we have periods?

Your menstrual cycle is the time between one period và the next. Every month there is a complex interaction between the pituitary gland in the brain, the ovaries & the uterus (or womb). Messages và hormones are being passed around the body to prepare it for a possible pregnancy. An egg is produced, the lining of the uterus thickens up, hormones prepare the vagina và the cervix to accept and tư vấn sperm. When pregnancy doesn't occur, the egg is absorbed back intothe toàn thân and the thick lining in the uterus is shed, this is your period. Then the cycle begins all over again.

Day one of your cycle is the first day of your period. This is when youruterus starts shedding the lining it has built up over the last 28 days.After your period is over, thelining of your uterus starts to lớn buildup again lớn become a thick & spongy ‘nest’ in preparation for a possible pregnancy.On day 14 (for most women), one of yourovaries will release an egg, which will make its way through afallopian tube andwill eventually make its way khổng lồ your uterus (called ovulation).On day 28 (for most women), if you have not become pregnant, the lining of your uterus starts khổng lồ shed. This is your period. The blood you thua during your period is the lining of your uterus.

The menstural cycle

If you have sex during a cycle, & your egg meets a sperm, you can become pregnant. When you’re pregnant, you don’t get your period.

Is a cycle always 28 days?

The average cycle is 28 days but, for some women, it is as short as 21 days, for others it is as long as 35 days. When you first start having periods, it can also take a while before your periods develop a regularpattern. Your cycle also changes as you get older.

Your menstruation cycle (and period) stops temporarily when you are pregnant. Breastfeeding also affects your cycle. At the kết thúc of menopause, your cycle stops permanently.

What does a period feel like?

Some women will have painin theirbelly (thelower abdomen). This can be acrampy pain or just a mild ache. You may have lower backache on its own or with the pain in your belly. The pain can often be stronger on the first day or two of your period & will vary in strength & severity from one women khổng lồ another. Some women also have aheadacheor feel very tired just before their period arrives or on the first day. Mood changes, teariness và easily losing your temper can sometimes be an indicator that you are getting your period, this is referred lớn as premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or premenstrual tension (PMT). For some women this can be so overwhelming that they are unable to go about their normal lives. Any symptoms that you find hard khổng lồ manageshould be investigated with your GP.

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Many women have no symptoms at all. It is not uncommon for women to lớn notice that they have their period only after they have gone to the toilet và found that there is blood on their underpants or on their nhà wc paper.

Even without overwhelming symptoms, some women stillfind it comforting to simply take time out whenthey get their period,and cuddle up with a hot water bottle.

Adolescent girls và women can both experience skin changes & pimples with their periods.

What to bởi when you get your period

Before you start getting periods it is good lớn be prepared for when it eventually comes. Hopefully you will have an opportunity to lớn talk with your mother or sister or someone else in your family who can help you to lớn prepare. Meanwhile here are some tips for when you vày start bleeding.

Use period productslike a pad, tampon, menstrual cup or period underwear to lớn absorb the bleeding. Pads and liners are longs strips of cotton that you stick lớn your underwear. Tampons are thin cylinders of dense cotton attached khổng lồ a string that you put inside your vagina. Pads, liners & tampons come in different shapes and sizes. Pads should be changedevery four to lớn fivehours lớn stop leakage. You can use a tampon whenever you want, you don't have to wait until you start having sex before a tampon will go in. It may be a little hard to get it in lớn begin with, but you will get used lớn it very quickly. Tampons should be changedevery three to four hours. Menstrual cups should be changed about every eight hours & period underwear can be washed out at the end of the day.Keep a ‘period kit’ somewhere handy. This is because you might get your period unexpectedly or fthitbohitachi.vnet it’s due. Keeping some painkillers, period products & a spare pair of underpants in your bag, at school or at work can be a lifesaver.Enjoy life as much as possible. It’s safe and often possible to vày all the things you would normally do. It’s also okay lớn have sex when you have your period, but if you’re using a tampon you’ll need to take it out first.

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If you have period pain you can take painkillers that you can buy over the counter at the chemist. If your pain isn’t relieved with regular painkillers, visit your GP (your local doctor).